Asbestos Garage Roof?
Is it going to kill my children?

To most people this is a ridiculous statement.  However, it is the essence of a telephone conversation I had recently with a very worried lady. It’s a symptom of all the hype and hysteria that is banded around about the “A” word.

If you believe all the hype in the media regarding asbestos you could be forgiven for thinking that you only had to see an Asbestos Garage Roof and you would be dead by the following week?

In reality, if you treat your asbestos garage roof with respect and common sense it is not a danger to you or anyone else.

If you look at the terminology first, the expression Asbestos Garage Roof is a misnomer. They are in fact cement sheets with a very small quantity of asbestos fibres bonded within the cement.  So they really should be called cement sheets.

An article explaining all the ramifications of an Asbestos Garage Roof will be published on this website in the next week or so

Whilst you wait, this very short video will give you a few ideas of what you can do with an Asbestos Garage Roof

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