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As one of the most respected Roofing Contractors in Warwickshire, we are
called out to so many different roofing repairs that we are very rarely
surprised at the things we find.  Just a week or so back, we were called
to a Vicar’s house in Warwick; to investigate a leaking roof and this is
a picture of what we found:

gutter roofing services

Do I need my gutter cleaning?

No surprises there really, this is not an uncommon site when we
look at a roof valley that is not easily accessible.  If it’s not a
leaking roof, then it is not something you think of much.   We are
often asked about fixing roof leaks, when all that is needed is
roof cleaning and a few tiles replaced.

However; whilst we took a closer look at the leaking roof and
decide which roofing repairs were necessary, we suddenly
wondered if the Vicar got his inspiration from ‘on high’?

roof gutter services

Gutter Cleaning can be interesting

Needless to say, as soon as the roofing repairs had been carried out
to the roof valley and the gutter cleaning was complete, the debris
from the leaking roof was disposed of.

Not the sort of plant you expect to see on a vicars roof

Roofing on the Bounty

Roofing on the Bounty

Refurbishing House Roof
in South Birmingham?


I was recently reminded of one of the very first contracts carried out by Mayfield Roofing,
way back in 1984.

It was refurbishing house roof for a lovely lady, Miss Bligh.

She lived alone, in a large house in Harborne, one of the leafy suburbs of Birmingham.

The contract was refurbishing house roof for her and replace the gutters and fascias,
amongst other things which I can no longer remember.

I was reminded of this because we recently carried out similar contracts
in South Birmingham, refurbishing house roof.

I still remember Miss Bligh’s first words to me when I met her.
As she answered the door and I introduced myself And 

she said,  “Do you have a 715?”

This came as a shock to me because, at the time, the ‘715’ was part of a system that
had recently been introduced by the Inland Revenue as a way of taxing
subcontractors in the building trade!

The shock to me it was that this little old lady knew all about subcontractor’s tax.

During subsequent conversations I discovered that she was a retired accountant
who specialised in the building trade.  It was flattering to know that a professional person
who had spent her entire working life with building firms
chose Mayfield Roofing to refurbish her house roof.

When I later mention to a colleague at the gym, we were refurbishing house roof for Miss Bligh
he said, “I remember Miss Bligh; she used to do the books for the firm I worked for.”

What a small world?

Now if Mayfield Roofing are in the business of refurbishing house roof in South Birmingham
you may be wondering about my title;

Roofing on the Bounty

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“Do I Need Snow Guards?”

“Do I Need Snow Guards?”

That is a question I have been asked 100’s of times in the last 2 weeks

So; what is the answer?

Well, my answer is this.

If there is something under your roof that would be damaged
if a pile of snow fell on it; then “Yes”  You need them

Here are a few images of some we have fitted

snow guard roofing

These were fitted onto Rafter Brackets

snow guard roofing services

These are fitted onto Brackets Screwed to the Wall

snow guard roofing expert

This is another example of Snow Guards fitted Outside of the Gutter

Stop Leaking Gutters…For Good!

The Gutterline System

stops leaking gutters for good!

  • Professionals’ choice for guaranteed results
  • Joint free and leak free
  • No messy adhesives
  • No internal disturbance
  • Individually made-to-measure
  • Suitable for most buildings

any length……any width……any profile

The simple fact is that Gutterline STOPS gutters leaking.

Easily. Efficiently. Cost effectively. And permanently.

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