Do You Have An Asbestos Roof on Your Garage?

Back in the 1960’s; 1970’s and even the 1980’s it was fashionable
for roofs of out-buildings and sheds to have a covering of
corrugated roofing sheets, which usually meant an Asbestos Roof.
This was especially popular for your garage roof.

The main reason was  it was just about the cheapest
covering that was available
for an economic roof construction and it was so easy to fit.
There were other advantages, mainly it was light weight
and the corrugated roofing sheets
absorbed noise such as the rain landing on it.

The acoustic advantage was due to the roof construction and the shape
effect of the corrugated roofing sheets

Have you ever sat in a conservatory with a Polycarbonate roof and
listened to the rain?
Did it sound like “The End Of The World?”

In a shed with an asbestos roof, you have to
hold your breath to hear the rain

If you sat in a shed with an asbestos roof, you would have to
hold your breath to hear the rain even in the most violent storm.

Asbestos sheeting looked stark when it was new and it soon deteriorated
to become a complete eyesore

This was mainly because of the moss it encouraged to grow on the porous surface
of the Cement Bonded Asbestos Sheets

Now in the 2010’s people don’t think about what it looks like;
they just get emotional about the ‘A’ word

In truth, let me put your mind at ease; the most dangerous thing about
Asbestos Cement Sheeting on your Garage Roof, is the risk of
falling through the sheets if you are foolish enough to walk on them.

For those of you who are interested in the technicalities;
the asbestos content of these sheets is generally
less than 5% and that small amount is totally bonded in cement

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Leaking Chimney in Factory Roof?

Leaks in Factory Roofs are often caused by poor  attention to detail where Flues, Vents, Chimneys and other protrusions penetrate the Factory Roof.


flue roofing repairs

Sealed with sticky tape and a prayer


leaking roof flue repairs

Leaking Flue sealed with Hope

Leaking Chimney in Factory Roof? –
Can be Permanently sealed in one of TWO main methods

Flat plates fitted over the sheets and tucked under the ridge is a Fool-Proof Solution

commercial roofing repairs

Plates tucked under the ridge


Dektite flashing kit systems are also very good
If you have a firm smooth surface to fix then to:

soaker flue roof repair

Dektite Soaker Flashing


silicone flue roof repair

Dektite Hot Soaker Flashing



eziseal flue roof repair

Dektite Flashing




If you need to fix a Dektite to a fibrous sheet, first you must fit a GRP sheet:

GRP roofing sheet

GRP sheet fitted onto A/C sheet


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