This is the time of year (in the Northern latitudes) when condensation can become a problem.  We are all encouraged to install bigger and better insulation to keep our homes and offices warm without spending a fortune on higher energy bills.

However, with every silver lining, there is usually a cloud on the horizon.
As you cram more and thicker mineral wool into the loft
the inside of your roof slopes start to run with condensation.

This is where moist air comes into contact with air, or a surface,
which is at a lower temperature because warm air holds
more moisture than cold air.

In severe cases, it can even appear to “rain” in the roof space!

So what can you do about it?

The usual answer is to improve the ventilation in the loft space,
so that you can achieve good cross-flow ventilation.

Depending of the construction of your roof this can be achieved
in one of two ways.  The easiest first step, is to ensure
the eaves ventilation is not blocked with insulation.

If you don’t have eaves vents; or if you do and they are not blocked,
then vents must be fitted, either in the roof tiles, the gable walls, or both.

This is usually a specialists job, beyond the scope of most accomplished DIYers.

There may be other inconveniences caused by increasing your
loft insulation, as the roof space will now be colder,
attention must be paid to any water pipes that may
run through this area and particularly any water tanks in the loft.

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“Are there other condensation problems associated with roofs?”

Yes,  interstitial condensation, usually in flat roofs.  Condensation is generally noticeable where it forms on the underside of the roof felt or other non-absorbent surfaces but it can form on any surface and it may not be noticed until mould growth or rotting of material occurs.  This will be the subject of another article.

Once again, if you fear your building may suffer from interstitial condensation,
call a local specialist

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