Roofing on the Bounty

Refurbishing House Roof
in South Birmingham?


I was recently reminded of one of the very first contracts carried out by Mayfield Roofing,
way back in 1984.

It was refurbishing house roof for a lovely lady, Miss Bligh.

She lived alone, in a large house in Harborne, one of the leafy suburbs of Birmingham.

The contract was refurbishing house roof for her and replace the gutters and fascias,
amongst other things which I can no longer remember.

I was reminded of this because we recently carried out similar contracts
in South Birmingham, refurbishing house roof.

I still remember Miss Bligh’s first words to me when I met her.
As she answered the door and I introduced myself And 

she said,  “Do you have a 715?”

This came as a shock to me because, at the time, the ‘715’ was part of a system that
had recently been introduced by the Inland Revenue as a way of taxing
subcontractors in the building trade!

The shock to me it was that this little old lady knew all about subcontractor’s tax.

During subsequent conversations I discovered that she was a retired accountant
who specialised in the building trade.  It was flattering to know that a professional person
who had spent her entire working life with building firms
chose Mayfield Roofing to refurbish her house roof.

When I later mention to a colleague at the gym, we were refurbishing house roof for Miss Bligh
he said, “I remember Miss Bligh; she used to do the books for the firm I worked for.”

What a small world?

Now if Mayfield Roofing are in the business of refurbishing house roof in South Birmingham
you may be wondering about my title;

Roofing on the Bounty

It turns out that Miss Bligh was the great, great, great, grand daughter of
Vice Admiral William Bligh, Governor of New South Wales

William Bligh was the most famous Captain of the ill-fated Bounty
before it was taken over by Fletcher Christian and his mutineers.

According to Miss Bligh, Admiral William Bligh was much maligned by the press
and Hollywood films in their portrayal of him as very a cruel man in the many
films of Mutiny on the Bounty

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