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Roofing on the Bounty

Roofing on the Bounty

Refurbishing House Roof
in South Birmingham?


I was recently reminded of one of the very first contracts carried out by Mayfield Roofing,
way back in 1984.

It was refurbishing house roof for a lovely lady, Miss Bligh.

She lived alone, in a large house in Harborne, one of the leafy suburbs of Birmingham.

The contract was refurbishing house roof for her and replace the gutters and fascias,
amongst other things which I can no longer remember.

I was reminded of this because we recently carried out similar contracts
in South Birmingham, refurbishing house roof.

I still remember Miss Bligh’s first words to me when I met her.
As she answered the door and I introduced myself And 

she said,  “Do you have a 715?”

This came as a shock to me because, at the time, the ‘715’ was part of a system that
had recently been introduced by the Inland Revenue as a way of taxing
subcontractors in the building trade!

The shock to me it was that this little old lady knew all about subcontractor’s tax.

During subsequent conversations I discovered that she was a retired accountant
who specialised in the building trade.  It was flattering to know that a professional person
who had spent her entire working life with building firms
chose Mayfield Roofing to refurbish her house roof.

When I later mention to a colleague at the gym, we were refurbishing house roof for Miss Bligh
he said, “I remember Miss Bligh; she used to do the books for the firm I worked for.”

What a small world?

Now if Mayfield Roofing are in the business of refurbishing house roof in South Birmingham
you may be wondering about my title;

Roofing on the Bounty

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Leaking Chimney in Factory Roof?

Leaks in Factory Roofs are often caused by poor  attention to detail where Flues, Vents, Chimneys and other protrusions penetrate the Factory Roof.


flue roofing repairs

Sealed with sticky tape and a prayer


leaking roof flue repairs

Leaking Flue sealed with Hope

Leaking Chimney in Factory Roof? –
Can be Permanently sealed in one of TWO main methods

Flat plates fitted over the sheets and tucked under the ridge is a Fool-Proof Solution

commercial roofing repairs

Plates tucked under the ridge


Dektite flashing kit systems are also very good
If you have a firm smooth surface to fix then to:

soaker flue roof repair

Dektite Soaker Flashing


silicone flue roof repair

Dektite Hot Soaker Flashing



eziseal flue roof repair

Dektite Flashing




If you need to fix a Dektite to a fibrous sheet, first you must fit a GRP sheet:

GRP roofing sheet

GRP sheet fitted onto A/C sheet


For more information and a no obligation quotation,
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Who Needs Snow Guards in The Summer?

Let me ask you a question, “How would you feel if a child was killed by a tile falling from your roof?”

There is a common misconception that “Snow Guards” on a roof have something to do with the winter?

That is not the case; “Snow Guards” are a safety device to prevent Tiles or Debris falling from a roof

roof snow guard repairs

Snow Guards Prevent Falling Tiles

The name “Snow Guards” obviously originated in places where a lot of snow can build up on a roof
and the Guard was an attempt to prevent this from causing damage when the avalanche occurred.

When the snow slides off the roof, it may take tiles with it.  If there is a Conservatory or other Glass Roof
It could collapse when a mass of snow and debris fell onto it.

snow gurad roofing installation

Snow Guard On A tiled Roof

Snow Guards should alway be fitted to any Roof that is above something that would be damaged
When tiles fell onto it.

If you are having a new Conservatory fitted PLEASE fit the Snow Guards First!

Finding A Local Roofing Repair Service

South Warwickshire’s leading Roofing Company, providing all aspects of
Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Roofing Repairs and Renewal.

Mayfield Roofing look after our valued clients in and around
East Worcestershire, South Warwickshire, North Gloucestershire
and West Oxfordshire; Providing a Wide Range of Services, some are detailed below.

Our services include:

  • Flat Roof Refurbishment; Built-up Three Layered Felt Roofs, with
  • High Performance Mineral Finish. 10 Year Guarantee as Standard.
  • Bonded Rubber EPDM roofing systems 40+year Proven Life Expectancy.
  • Total protection for all flat roofs.
  • uPVC Fascia and Barge Board Replacement; Maintenance Free.                                               Read the rest of this entry

Asbestos Garage Roof Gutter Detail?

Asbestos Garage Roof Gutter Detail?

This is a question asked very often once the idea of our Asbestos Garage Roof
over-sheeting system has been accepted.

Like anything else to do with Asbestos Garage Roofs, the Gutter Detail can be
dealt with in a number of ways; depending on the gutter age and condition.

Here are a couple of images, showing one way to solve this problem:

Asbestos Garage Roof

Old Asbestos Garage Roof before oversheeting

This is the same roof

New uPVC Gutter fitted to Asbestos Garage Roof


If the original guttering is in good serviceable condition
there is a special eaves flashing.

This is fitted in such a way that the rainwater from the
new sheeting drains effectively into the original
gutter.  This maintains the same drainage as the
original Asbestos Garage Roof.

There are thousands of Sheds and Garages up and down the UK
with Garage Roofing Sheets of asbestos cement.

Many of these, are now leaking; so what is the safe and legal solution?

If you believe all the hype in the media regarding asbestos you could be forgiven
for thinking that you only had to see an Asbestos Garage Roof and
you would be dead by the following week?

If you look at the terminology first, the expression
“Asbestos Garage Roof” is a misnomer.

They are in fact cement sheets with a very small quantity of asbestos fibres
bonded within the cement.  So they really should be called cement sheets.

In reality, it is not a danger to you or anyone else if you treat
your asbestos garage roof with respect and common sense.