One of the most ignored part of a factory building
are its gutters.

As I drive around The Midlands I notice many Factory Gutters sporting a most luxurious growth of vegetation.  Some of them have a more diverse range of Buddleia than many garden centres.

Actually, that generalization is not always true because there are many factories in the UK Midlands where Mayfield Roofing are called on to clean and inspect the gutters on a regular basis.

If you clean and inspect your gutters regularly you can save money on costly breakdowns caused by gutters overflowing plus you will be forewarned of other maintenance issues before they become a crisis.

roof gutter maintenance

A Typical Neglected Factory Gutter



Here is an image of a typical Factory Gutter that has been left and ignored by the owners, who hope that it will not overflow and halt production.


As you can see, the vegetation is beginning to settle down and become established






well-maintained roof gutter


Well Maintained Factory Roof with a Recently Cleaned out Gutter








factory roof gutter repairs

Factory Gutter Refelted