Fit New Gutters & Fascias

One of the cheapest and most cost-effective methods of improving your house is to fit new Gutters & Fascias.   Here are very few pictures that demonstrate what I mean.

Cast Iron Gutter with brackets rusted away and eaves felt rotted

In this first image, you can see daylight between the gutter and fascia indicating that the under tile felt has rotted away in this area. This has allowed water to run between the gutter and the fascia, which in turn has caused the gutter brackets to rust away.

If you look closely, you may also notice the mould around the joint to the left of the outlet.
This is a very god indication that the gutter is leaking.

As this cast-iron gutter is no longer supported, it presents a serious hazard as it could fall at any time.

New uPVC Gutter fitted onto new Fascia & Soffit with Felt Support Tray to prevent splashback

Here you can see, in this second image, that the fascia has been clad with new UPVC.

Felt Support Tray

Where you previously saw daylight between the gutter and fascia, the Felt Support Tray has been fitted to ensure there really is no splashback down the fascia.

Felt Support Tray fitted under the Eaves Felt and into the New Gutter to prevent 'splash-back'


Felt Support Tray Detail

Here are 2 more images of new uPVC Gutter, Fascia & Soffit

This Fascia needs attention and the gutter is broken

The sections of wood, that were deteriorating were replaced with New Treated Timber and the remaining area was sprayed with wood preserver prior to fitting the new Fascia and Soffit

New uPVC Fascia, Gutter and Soffit


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