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Flat Roof Finishes

Flat Roof Finishes can vary depending on you personal preferences.
Here are a few ideas; please feel free to discuss your project with Mayfield Roofing

Where flat roofs are concerned, the question I am often asked is,
“What is the best system to use?”

The answer is always, That depends on what you want it to look like,
What are you going to with the roof and how much do you want to spend?

Taking my first answer, “What you want it to look like?”

Here are some flat roof finishes suggestions:

mineral finish flat roofing service

Mineral Finished Flat roof


ClassicBond EPDM Rubber Roofing on Car-Port

ClassicBond EPDM Rubber Roofing on Car-Port


rubber roofing expert

Resitrix on Church in Stratford-upon-Avon


roof decking services

Flat Roof With Decking Finish

flat roofing

Chippings finish on a large factory

flat roofing services

Aluminium paint finish on an office

If you would like more details of any of these projects

Please use the “contact us” tab

Resitrix for All Orangeries With a Flat Roof

Resitrix is the best covering for All Orangeries With a Flat Roof

If you are building an Orangery and are considering a flat roof
The best roof covering material will be Resitrix

Resitrix is 2.5mm thick which makes it the thickest Rubber
Roofing System on the market, if you ignore gimmicks like
fleece backing

This Orangery was built in Stratford-Upon-Avon and has a
Resitrix Rubber Roof System, that was hot-air welded at the seams
onto 200mm thick Polyurethane Insulation Boards to
keep it nice and warm

Orangery Roof to The Priory

Orangery Roof to The Priory

The Architect was considering a Stone Parapet to the perimeter
but settled on the standard Sure Edge Drip Trims in Black to
compliment the surroundings and match the edge detail on
The Priory’s other flat roof


resitrix on orangery roof

Resitrix used to on both flat roofs to The Priory

Here is a smaller Orangery, built in Evesham, again with
a Resitrix Rubber Roof System.  You can see that the use
of hot-air welding makes a very efficient seal around the

resitrix on orangery in evesham

Small Orangery in Evesham

Once again the Black Sure Edge Drip Trim was used above
the gutter and the Sure Edge Kerb Trim for a nice neat finish
above the door.

sure edge kerb trim

Sure Edge Kerb Trim used at edges

Here, a domestic garage beside the house was converted to
an Orangery.  The bespoke rooflights were complimented
with Resitrix fitted over 120mm Polyurethane foam board

Resitrix used to seal round bespoke rooflights

Resitrix used to seal round bespoke rooflights

The Sure Edge Gutter Trims and Kerb Trims are both
used on Rubber Roofs, usually in Black

Sure Edge Black Trims

Sure Edge Black Trims

The Sure Edge Gutter Trims and Kerb Trims are both
used on Rubber Roofs, also available in White

Sure Edge Trims for Drips and Kerbs also in White

Sure Edge Trims for Drips and Kerbs in White

Are You Considering a New Flat Roof?

When considering a new Flat Roof, whether it is for
An Orangery or any other use, talk to Mayfield Roofing
for free impartial advise and a written quotation that
is given totally without any obligation on your part



Rubber Roofing


Rubber Roofing installed by Mayfield Roofing is the Resitrix SKW self-adhesive,
seam-weldable fully reinforced EPDM waterproofing membrane.

More than 40 million square metres of this 2.5mm rubber roofing membrane
have been installed worldwide since it was developed in the 1970’s

All Rubber Roofing should have the seams welded, using an electric hot air gun.



The Rubber Roof covering must be Hot Air Welded at the seams on site; to be successful

Some systems rely on glues or adhesives at the joints
These are great in the laboratory
But in the real world with Frost, Rain and Dust blowing around
How can you be sure of success?

Be very wary of the one piece Bonded Rubber Roof systems
that are folded out of one big sheet
and if you need to screw or nail the edges??
Forget it!!

Rubber Roofing is fast gaining the reputation
for being the most cost effective covering for flat roofs
if you want the building to last that is!

This product is designed to withstand foot traffic and has a non slip surface.
Ideal for Overlaying Felt Roofs because it is Bitumen compatible.

Rubber Roofing was installed on the walkway leading to the offices of
Mayfield Roofing in 1995 and despite being walked on many times
every day since, it is still as good as the day it was fitted.

You are welcome to inspect it at any reasonable time

Because it is so flexible and durable, Resitrix Rubber Roofing has been
installed on the roofs of Train Carriages and Boat Decks as well as Offices
Gutters and Valleys through to Houses Factories and Garage Roofs

rubber roofing lights installation

Rubber Roofing with Insulation & Rooflights

Rubber Roofing is the ideal partner to accompany Rooflights and
Insulation when you are updating you building or turning your
Garage into a utility room or office.

If you would like to be fully GREEN, and have a roof garden
Resitrix Rubber Roofing is the ideal roof surface
if you are going to install a Sedum Plants mat

Just call Mayfield Roofing to discuss your requirements

The self-adhesive membrane offers all the advantages of EPDM,
combined with the benefits of a cold applied waterproofing membrane
with no naked flames to worry about; even insurance companies like it

Resitrix Rubber Roofing System has 40+ year life expectancy

The Rubber Roofing Market leader is
the German Engineered Resitrix System

Mayfield Roofing use and recommend the
Resitrix Rubber Roofing systems

valley roofing services

Lead replaced with Resitrix in 3 valleys

rubber roofing repairs

Another Resitrix Roof with Rooflight



Rubber Roofing Overlay System

Overlay Your Felt Roof with Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing is gaining in popularity so much that it may soon
overtake Built-up Felt as the most popular flat roof covering

This is particularly so when refurbishing old felt roofs because in most cases
the old felt can be left in place and the new Rubber Roofing is installed
as an overlaying system

Rubber Roofing is the Best Choice for
Covering Old Felt Roofs

This roof was leaking because the old felt had reached the end of its useful life
Rather than strip of the failed felt, it was cleaned and prepared
before new plywood was added and this was capped off with
ClassicBond Premium EPDM 1.5mm thick Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing over Old Felt Roof

ClassicBond EPDM Rubber Roofing on Car-Port

ClassicBond EPDM Rubber Roofing on Car-Port


The German Engineered Resitrix Rubber Roofing Systems offers all the advantages
of EPDM, combined with the benefits of a cold applied waterproofing membrane

With no naked flames to worry about; even insurance companies like it because
Resitrix Rubber Roofing is hot air welded on site



You don’t have to take our word for it because the German Company PDT
who manufacture Resitrix Rubber Roofing recommend overlaying
failing felt roofs with their system and they made this video to
show the benefits of their system and show a felt roof overlay

Watch this video for the full story
Click Here to watch the Video

If you have a failing felt roof and would like the cost effective Resitrix
Rubber Roofing Overlay System

Just call or email Mayfield Roofing and we will arrange your free; no obligation quote

For your added piece of mind, if you would like a second opinion as to
whether your roof is suitable to be overlaid with Resitrix Rubber Roofing,
we can arrange for the manufacturers representative to visit your premises
and inspect your existing roof independently

Flat Roofs

Mayfield Roofing have specialised in the repair and maintenance of flat roofs for more than 25 years.

Most of that time we used the High Performance Polyester Based, Built up felt roofing, fully bonded with hot bitumen.  More recently, we have responded to the trend away from using naked flames and are more often fitting Bonded Rubber Roofing.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements.

Quotations for Built-up Felt or Bonded Rubber Roofs are provided without any obligation on your part.

Here are a few of our recent contracts:

leaking roof repairs

A Small Leaking Roof

roof leaks repair

Roof Refelted with HT Mineral Finish

Large flat roof

flat roofing

Very Large Flat Roof with Spa Chippings Finish

roof services

Flat roof with standing water

flat roofing services

Roof refelted with Reflective Paint Finish. Please Notice Standing Water Eliminated

roofing service

Flat Roof Finished with Timber Decking

rubber roofing services

Bonded Rubber Roofing

Whatever your flat roof problem, please feel free to discuss the perfect solution