Roofing on the Bounty

Refurbishing House Roof
in South Birmingham?


I was recently reminded of one of the very first contracts carried out by Mayfield Roofing,
way back in 1984.

It was refurbishing house roof for a lovely lady, Miss Bligh.

She lived alone, in a large house in Harborne, one of the leafy suburbs of Birmingham.

The contract was refurbishing house roof for her and replace the gutters and fascias,
amongst other things which I can no longer remember.

I was reminded of this because we recently carried out similar contracts
in South Birmingham, refurbishing house roof.

I still remember Miss Bligh’s first words to me when I met her.
As she answered the door and I introduced myself And 

she said,  “Do you have a 715?”

This came as a shock to me because, at the time, the ‘715’ was part of a system that
had recently been introduced by the Inland Revenue as a way of taxing
subcontractors in the building trade!

The shock to me it was that this little old lady knew all about subcontractor’s tax.

During subsequent conversations I discovered that she was a retired accountant
who specialised in the building trade.  It was flattering to know that a professional person
who had spent her entire working life with building firms
chose Mayfield Roofing to refurbish her house roof.

When I later mention to a colleague at the gym, we were refurbishing house roof for Miss Bligh
he said, “I remember Miss Bligh; she used to do the books for the firm I worked for.”

What a small world?

Now if Mayfield Roofing are in the business of refurbishing house roof in South Birmingham
you may be wondering about my title;

Roofing on the Bounty

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