Asbestos Garage Roof Gutter Detail?

This is a question asked very often once the idea of our Asbestos Garage Roof
over-sheeting system has been accepted.

Like anything else to do with Asbestos Garage Roofs, the Gutter Detail can be
dealt with in a number of ways; depending on the gutter age and condition.

Here are a couple of images, showing one way to solve this problem:

Asbestos Garage Roof

Old Asbestos Garage Roof before oversheeting

This is the same roof

New uPVC Gutter fitted to Asbestos Garage Roof


If the original guttering is in good serviceable condition
there is a special eaves flashing.

This is fitted in such a way that the rainwater from the
new sheeting drains effectively into the original
gutter.  This maintains the same drainage as the
original Asbestos Garage Roof.

There are thousands of Sheds and Garages up and down the UK
with Garage Roofing Sheets of asbestos cement.

Many of these, are now leaking; so what is the safe and legal solution?

If you believe all the hype in the media regarding asbestos you could be forgiven
for thinking that you only had to see an Asbestos Garage Roof and
you would be dead by the following week?

If you look at the terminology first, the expression
“Asbestos Garage Roof” is a misnomer.

They are in fact cement sheets with a very small quantity of asbestos fibres
bonded within the cement.  So they really should be called cement sheets.

In reality, it is not a danger to you or anyone else if you treat
your asbestos garage roof with respect and common sense.

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